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Anna Nevolis is a seasoned and accomplished real estate professional with over sixteen years of experience. Anna has been helping clients in Florida purchase their dream homes for six years after being a top performer in New Jersey for a decade.  Anna specializes in helping residents from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest relocate to Northeast Florida. In addition, Anna has a proven track record of assisting current Northeast Florida residents in moving within the region. Whether you want to sell your home for top dollar or move your family into your dream home, Anna’s personalized and caring approach will make the process seamless. 

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Search Anna's MLS database and don't get left behind!

Yes, realtors generally have access to more listings than are publicly available. As part of their MLS

membership, realtors can see off-market data, such as sold listings, going back five years or more, and expired listings. 


A realtor works to match homebuyers with available listings. To do this effectively, they need access to information. They get most of their real estate information from the MLS. While MLS market their listings via licensing or syndication, some listings are too sensitive to release. These generally include off-market data, such as older sold listings and expired listings. Realtors can access this information to help them do their jobs, but the general public cannot.


"Anna was extremely helpful and very patient during our 2 year search for the perfect beach condo. We were extremely picky, we knew the area very well after vacationing there several times a year for almost 30 years. We knew where we wanted to be and the floor we wanted to be on. She was very kind and understanding when our first offer fell through, then the 2nd condo for sale came and went without us, but good things come to those who wait and the 3rd condo was the perfect match for us. Exactly what we wanted and where we wanted. Not one time did Anna flinch when I told her we'd wait, when she called with condos in the same area maybe a floor higher or lower than what we wanted. She understood completely and didn't force anything on us or make us feel bad that we were being so picky. I appreciated the other listings she send us as it showed us other options. We closed on our dream condo almost 3 weeks ago and have enjoyed it since. She is a wonderful women that we also consider a friend. We very highly recommend her.  Thank you Anna for all you did for us!"

-Pam Cornell 

"We have had a number of agents throughout the years and Anna is the best of the best! She listened to what we were looking for, prompt in her communications and follow-through and negotiated a great price on the property we wanted for our new home! 5 stars out of 5!"

-Karen Doiron

"Anna has helped us in so many ventures of finding a home to rent when we first moved to NJ 6 years ago, to buying  our first home here 4 years ago and selling that same home just weeks ago. Thank you for becoming our family here and for all your hard work and dedication! XO"

-Jamie Mastroinne

"We first met Anna over six years ago.  We were looking for a home on Amelia Island.  Anna was very proactive and thorough during our whole search.  Anna even went way outside the box to make suggestions.  Anna was always on top of everything and advised us accordingly.   Although we never found a perfect match, that is no reflection on Anna or her abilities.  Even six years ago, good homes were untouchable on the island.

Fast forward six years.  We decided to sell our home in Yulee.  First person that came to mind was Anna.  She was gracious enough to list our home for us.  Within a few days, we had an offer and then one behind that.  Anna was outstanding during the whole process including all the closing details.  We consider Anna not only the best realtor we have ever come across but also a friend.  You can’t do better than that."

Paul Gunning


All testimonials have been verified. 


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